Isiolo South We Want

On behalf of the staunch team or rather unstopable forces behind the 'TeamOmarJattani" I Juma Aba Juma decree and declare to elaborate and put in place our vision for change, to name but a few,the kind of change we're trying to bake for it must and shall come into relatable reality which can be observed by every sane electrorate of our humble Isiolo south counstituency within ample time if given chance
1.We need to bring more love, to supersede hatred.
2.We need to uphold more strength,
to resist our weaknesses.
3. We need emphasise more about inspiration,
to lighten up our innermind.

4. We need more to enhance upon learning about state of affairs of our southern electorates,
to erase our ignorance,

5. We need more wisdom,
to live longer and happier as southern society not a clantocratic chauvanist.

6. We need more truths, to suppress deceptions unlike the current and past regimes which holds propagandist ideology.

7. We need to enhance more on  health sector
to enjoy our wealth with the series of young generation growing at the same pace with others of their liked .

1. We need more to build on remarkable peace, to stay in harmony with our brethren and other ethnic neighborhoods.

8. We need more smiles with devolved resources at hand,
to brighten up our day like never we ought resemble.

9. We need more hero's, and not zero's who can't figure out any of our challenges in parliament for it being their mandate duty.

10. We need more change of ourselves, to change the lives of others.

11. We need more understanding through public participation,
to tackle our misunderstanding which as an example tempted the current regime to loot all our resource through fraudulent act to fatten their unlimited belly.

12. We need more sympathy for our poor people,
not apathy.

13. We need more forgiveness,
not vengeance in leadership conceptions.

14. We need more humility to be lifted up to economise the state of affairs and being realised in every side of our humble fate.

15. We need more patience to build up development and not undue eagerness.

16. We need more focus on what we may have to invest on, to avoid distraction and misappropriation of limited funds alocated to uplift our ownself.

17. We need more optimism in growth and development,
not pessimism.

18. We need to practice more justice and accoutability
not injustices that abandon and make our people seize to get out of poverty.

19.We need more facts, not fiction and craps that results in propaganda that insites evil.

20. We need more education,
to curb illiteracy and not know not how leadership

21. We need more skills, not incompetence that leads to portray our community as corwards.

23. We need more challenges,
to make attempts and die trying until the very day we observe reality.

24. We need more talents,
to create the extraordinary not bigotory epoch of shan't be sheep-like leaders.

25. We need more helping hands,
not stingy folks whom if they happen to help, the in between process become trending topic amongist habris and bluntant foes.

26. We need more efforts,
not laziness like our own sitting MP who never uttered any mole of problems we face not even greating his fellow representative in any of the parliament procedings.

29. We need more jokes, to forget our worries of the past regimes

30. We need more spirituality,
not mean politician who fake personality.

31.We need more freedom,
not enslavement from the people we elect by our own.

33. We need more peacemakers,
not revolutionaries who spread clantocracy to divide and rule through creating tensions among neighbouring brethrens ...with these am sure, we create an heaven on earth....


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